100 Rogues Ouya on Sep 03 in Blog tagged by WesPaugh

It’s been a couple of slow news months for us since the Dungeoneer released, but you can believe me when I say development has only accelerated. I have been hard at work porting 100 Rogues in a cross-platform language. After just over a month recreating the core gameplay features, I am thrilled to announce that we 100 Rogues will be one of the first titles available for the Ouya home console when it releases in March.
For those of you unfamiliar with Ouya, it is an indie-driven console built on Android operating system. You will be able to purchase and download games from an online shop similar to the Google Play market or the iOS App Store.
Since the console is Android-powered, I’m sure one of the first questions many of you have is, “so will I be able to play the game on my Android phone, too?” At the moment, it’s too early to say specifically when or if a Mobile Android version will be released. Our research into the idea so far has only told us that we need to do more research before we can commit to anything, but it’s a very exciting idea for us. By the time the Ouya version is complete, we will be very near to having a mobile version ready to go, so it’s a very realistic possibility.
This is an exciting opportunity to breath new life into 100 Rogues. Each line of code is being rewritten to accomodate new platforms, so along the way I will be doing everything I can to accommodate some of our long-standing feature requests, and pave the way for an even more streamlined updates. We will be able to continue improving 100 Rogues faster than ever, to bring you more content, game modes, or balance improvements.
Perhaps the most noticeable improvement to the game I can announce right now is the addition of a No-Animation mode. Roguelike veterans know that, the better you become at our game, the less time you want to spend moving around a map, and the more time you want to spend fighting bigger, stronger monsters. No animation mode will allow you to move between encounters twice as fast, and combat itself will allow you to make decisions quicker than ever. We are also tightening up our map generations to make combat the main event.
We’ll have more information posted as development continues.