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Dinoman Bruiser official announcement!

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12:17 am
January 26, 2012

Keith Burgun


posts 268

Oh man!  The Dinoman is just around the corner!  Here's a brief post with some images!…..n-bruiser/

What do you guys think?

7:47 am
January 26, 2012



posts 67

Looks good to me. Tough, but with some definite vulnerabilities. Sounds like the next update is going to be worth the wait.


Now get us a few new campaigns to play in. New settings for all the characters to run through would be great.

1:48 am
February 1, 2012

Keith Burgun


posts 268

That's very expensive.  Otherwise we would!

10:31 pm
February 2, 2012

Hater Slayer the third


posts 26

Glad to
hear you’re back on the job making a great game better. I am certainly excited
to waste hour after hour with the new dinoman bruiser. Killing the last wild satan with the DinoFarm logo, how awesome. I am a little sad to
hear that 100 rogues is finally being finished. Though i am also excited to see
new games. I hope you have had as much fun making it as a i have had playing
it. I remember when the game was practically unplayable because of the bugs.
Then later when skellyman scoundrel was released at Christmas and all the way
through monster classes. The game has come along ways. I hope you continue to
make and create awesome games.

            My final
request would have to be to fix the ending clip on 2nd gen ipods. I don’t know
how many times I have beat the game on rogue only to see Satan’s ugly head roll
back and the game crash high, score lost into oblivion. The monster classes
work great without the ending clip. I know its anti climatically but could you
remove the ending clip? Or attempt once more to thwart this bug.  It’s a
beautiful symphony of a game with a soul shredding ending. As you put it, 100 rogues
isn’t about completion it’s about getting a high score. But if I can’t record
my score…..



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