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Thoughts on “Rogue Mode”

Just so you guys know, just because we’re adding all this new great content recently, that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about the core game.  Personally, the feature that I hold most dear to my heart is the core game on the Rogue Mode difficulty setting.  I feel that Rogue Mode is the game 100 Rogues […]

A few updates, and a script!

Firstly, just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on.  Our main effort right now has been on porting the game to OSX, which is a big project.  We’re anxiously awaiting version 2.5, which has all kinds of crazy features to it.  It should be out in the next few days! Also, the […]

Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans!

Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans! Enjoy your new Scoundrel and your randomly dropped “Present” items! (Click for full-size)

Scoundrel Pixel Art Revealed!

Being an undead female, there wasn’t much for her in Mine Town. She quickly grew numb to the effects of nights spent knifing cattle, murdering coyotes and stabbing chickens. She longed for the piercing of thicker skin… oh, to find a creature worthy of the thrust of her blade… to close her eye-sockets and exhale […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 3) – Complete!

There it is – the beautiful Skellyman Scoundrel skill tree. Today, we reveal the last two of the Skellyman’s abilities. Leap Attack was one of the first abilities thought up for the Scoundrel – in fact, it was one of the first abilities thought up for the game at all.  Leap Attack allows the player to […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 2)

Last night I discussed in detail two of the Skellyman Scoundrel‘s great abilities, and the synergy between them.  Tonight, I have not just two, but FOUR more to share with you. Pickpocket is a close-range active ability that allows the Skellyman to deftly search an enemy’s pockets for goodies.  Different monsters carry different stuff, and […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 1)

The Skellyman Scoundrel has many tricks up her sleeve.  Each of them is powerful on its own, but when combined in just the right way, it’s lethal.  Lethal enough to Go Kill Satan with, even. One ability is called Smoke-bomb.  This active skill allows the Scoundrel to lay down a 4×4 diamond of “smoke” tiles.  […]

Halloween Pumpkins!

Here are images of a couple pumpkins that people made (that’s right, people MADE these pumpkins, from scratch!) in honor of 100 Rogues!  The first one is by Dinofarm Games’ Blake Reynolds The second pumpkin was carved by Jennifer Brent (who also provided the voices for Succubus & Vandella monsters, whom you will come to […]

100 Rogues – Version 2.0 Formal Announcement!

Version 2.0 of 100 Rogues is coming sometime next week (as soon as Apple approves it).  The most significant addition to the game is the third world, “Hell”, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s the full list of improvements, as listed by Mr. Wes Paugh, our lead software engineer: * Hell! Another […]

100 Rogues 2.0 – THE HYPE!

This blog post will tell you all about the MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS to 100 Rogues for the upcoming free patch, version 2.0.  Not that it NEEDS improvement since clearly it is already a game that Bioshock creator Ken Levine likes. [kotaku]. Sometime in the next day or so, Fusion Reactions will push the COLOSSAL, LEGENDARY, and […]